I’m Lindsey Coker, Founder and Director of STEAMCamp


I have been an educator for 14 years and a mom for nearly 20 years. My heart is to see children happy, healthy and excited about learning. This is the foundation of all we do through our camps, classes and curriculum.


Starting a children’s program during a worldwide pandemic may seem crazy but I couldn’t ignore the nudge inside of me to go for it. Although the research wasn’t back yet, I feared that the impact of isolation was going to be too great to just let it play out and see what happened. So, combining my deep love of science, art and recess (yes, recess!) “STEAMCamp for Kids” was born in the Summer of 2020. We had so much fun! We made messes, ran in fields, built circuits, completed challenges, raced relays, created beautiful art and so much more! I knew we had something special so we did it again the following year with 5 additional locations. By summer of 2022, we were in 13 locations across the Southeast and 1 international camp in Sweden. We have developed a partnership with Gulf State Park’s Learning Campus as well as The Alabama School of Math and Science, Cottage Hill Christian Academy and West Mobile’s Acton Academy.

I am a true “right brain” creative. I love grassroots beginnings and the creative process of building this program has been one of the most exciting adventures of my teaching career. I look forward to implementing new ideas year after year and making this a highlight of a child’s developmental years!

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Alabama STEM Council, Design Team Member

STEAMCamp for Kids is honored to have been invited to participate in the Alabama STEM Council’s Design Team. This team is tasked with the creation of a STEM ecosystem in our state. We seek to bring together students, parents, community members, institutions of higher learning and a wide range industries, bridging the gap between education and the workforce. You can read more about the Alabama STEM council here.

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